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"Kate is a true holistic healer. She's intuitive, knowledgeable of muscle imbalances that lead to larger issues, with an incredible awareness of the needs her clients bring to the table. She's a great listener, well versed in a modality of techniques address acute issues, release stored tension and is able to work some serious magic. She brings a level of caring, expertise and warmth to her sessions and has always been an integral part of my healing. As a yoga teacher with an active lifestyle, I'm discriminatory as it pertains to massage therapists, and Kate is by far the best in the biz!" - A.P., Melrose, MA

"I started working with Kate because I tend to get very tense in my trapezius muscles, causing severe headaches. She was able to resolve that issue. During the time I've been working with Kate, I also started rock climbing and distance running. I credit my work with Kate towards helping me be able to pursue those athletic activities without injuries and imbalances that would prevent me from making progress." - E.C., Cambridge, MA

"I first started seeing Kate a few years ago to help out with some chronic shoulder issues and within only a few visits made it a habit to book my next appointment before leaving her office.  If you're a yogi, she is very experienced working with common injuries practioners (such as myself) face.  Kate is not only very knowledgeable and skilled but has the kindness, compassion, and gentle awareness you hope to find in bodyworkers and humanity alike!  She is a good listener and does a fantastic job following up on any changes visit to visit.  I always leave my appointment feeling amazing and have sent multiple friends her way." - S.W., Somerville, MA

"After massages with Kate, I always know I will walk away relaxed and tension-free. She has the most calming presence, listens to your needs, and remembers your preferences for intensity and focus on body parts. Her touch is intuitive and she always finds spots of tension that I didn't even realize I was holding onto. Massages with Kate have become an integral part of my regimen to deal with my shoulder tightness and back pain." - C.M., Cambridge, MA

"I've been seeing Kate since my first pregnancy in 2014, and have continued to for a mix of prenatal, postnatal, and regular massage.  Kate is absolutely amazing!  She is intuitive, calming, generous, and a truly gifted bodyworker who seems to magically know what parts of my body need help (sometimes before I do).  I always leave a session with Kate feel exponentially better than when I walked in, and look forward to our time together immensely!" - K.B., Somerville MA